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fertility proust questionnaire

Inspired by Vanity Fair  

This month: This month: Jessica talks to Monica Owsichek, curator of The Facts of Your Fertility, a new free Telesummit starting January 19th 2015. Sign up now!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

To be surrounded by wonderful friends and family.


What is your greatest fear?

That I will not turn the struggles in my life into something positive.


What are you most proud of achieving in your life so far?

Being with my husband for almost 15 years.  We have had a lot of struggles, but we are still

together and stronger than ever.


Which bit of you would you most want your children to inherit?

My compassion.


And which bit the least?

My "over" sensitivity.


For Proust it was madeleines. What food is evocative of childhood for you?

I would have to say Cocoa Puffs, which is a cereal that turns the milk into chocolate milk.  I used to have some everyday after school.


What book would you read to your children?

The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog.  It was the book I read to my nieces and nephews when they were little.  A lot of good memories.


What piece of music would you play them?

Anything that would get us up and dancing.


What city would you take them to?

Quito, Ecuador. This is where my parents were both born and raised.


Do you believe in miracle baby stories?

Yes, I have heard many of them.


What do you think about fur babies (do you have one?)

I love them.  We have a little Shichon puppy, which is a cross between a Shih-tzu and a Bichon Frise.  His name is Waylon and he is only seven months old.


If you were an infertility campaigner, what would you campaign for?

I would want to increase the awareness around the topic.  I believe it is important for those that are struggling with infertility to be informed and to be okay with reaching out for support.


What’s your worst fertility clinic moment?

When I went in to get blood work after my IVF to check if I was pregnant and the nurse looked at me and said: ‘So, you don't think this is going to be good news do you?’  There was  a good chance I didn't look very confident, but it was the last thing I wanted to hear out loud at the time.


And your best?

After our initial consultation with the doctor, feeling hopeful because we had a plan.


Do you have any fertility regrets?

I would love to say no and truly mean it.  I regret how much time I let it consume my thoughts.


What do you most value in a friend?



Can you name three women through history that have inspired you?

Mother Teresa - her selflessness

Helen Keller – she did not let her disabilities stand in her way

My late mother-in-law - she was an amazing woman, who had a big heart and loved big.


What was the blessing that made you grateful for yesterday?

Spending time with my husband and friends that I can truly be myself around.


What motto do you life your life by?

Everybody has a different path in life.  We can either follow our path or fight it.


Monica’s Fertility Telesummit, The Facts of Your Fertility, starts on 19 January. Sign up here



January 2015

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