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One of the reasons I wrote The Pursuit of Motherhood is that I have been continually struck by how few

books have been written on the subject of living with infertility. So here are a selection of books I have

found, loved and recommend to you.



The Stork Club by Imogen Edwards-Jones

A really well written memoir on the experience of infertility and IVF from the best-selling author

Imogen Edwards-Jones (


Silent Sorority by Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos

One of the few memoirs I’ve read where there isn’t a ‘happy baby ending’. The world needs more of

these and Pamela Tsigdinos is an inspirational spokeswoman for the baby-less generation



IVF: an Emotional Companion by Brigid Moss

Brigid Moss, Health Editor of Red magazine, interviews 23 women about their experiences of

infertility. A great overview of the issues and approaches. Lots of happy endings but some

alternative ones too.


Is your Body Baby-Friendly by Alan E. Beer

The definitive book on reproductive immunology.  It’s a dense tome and I haven’t yet met

a woman who has managed to read it cover to cover. When I was recently diagnosed with an obscure

immune issue that is still hardly tested for or treated in this country I wished I had.


Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I resisted it for a long time but whilst I was recovering after a life-threatening ecotopic pregnancy, I

bought a copy and was instantly hooked. It’s not about infertility in any way but every woman in their

30s who hasn’t found what she’s looking for yet should read it (


Rocking the Life Unexpected: 12 weeks to your Plan B for a meaningful and fulfilling life without children by Jody Day

If you are having to face a future that you never imagined, this book is a must read. Immensely readable, it's

packed with practical exercises and advice. Do also check out Jody Day's website and events for women who

are chilless by circumstance. I particularly love her list of childless role models. A great way to feel like you're

in good company (


Cracked Open by Miriam Zoll

Miriam Zoll is one of the most authoritative and intelligent voices writing about fertility and infertility today.

Through her journalism she frequently challenges the business of making babies and this book, a memoir,

describes her own journey through IVF, egg donation and adoption. (


#1 Amazon Bestseller

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