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I was 34 and running a London theatre when I decided to start a family. I thought that making the decision to fit a baby into my busy life was the hard part. I was wrong. After a year of having sex to schedule my partner and I were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and so began our eight year journey to have a child (and we’re still counting). For years I told very few people about my struggle with infertility. I thought my secrecy was another professional achievement. Then one day I started writing about it…


Over the last eight years I have been to lots of different clinics, had every test known to woman and doctor, and been through multiple rounds of IVF. Like many women I have also gone to alternative and sometimes absurd lengths to understand my infertility, from visiting a psychic tarot card reader to attending an intense therapeutic process to discover whether my “inner child” has anything to do with it (!) I have also faced the heartbreak of several miscarriages and a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy.


I hope my book will provide solace and advice to other women going through the same thing. I also want to campaign to change some of the really hard and unsaid things about the fertility industry today including the terrible environment of some clinics and the ubiquity of IVF as a solution to fertility problems when it isn’t always the answer. I also want to open up the conversation about what happens next if it doesn’t end up working out, because maybe it won't.


If any of this resonates with you, please do read my book, contact me and join the debate.

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